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Once you've worked with our experts to select your flooring and scheduled your installation, it's time to prepare your home for its new look. By following the guide below, you will help make installation smooth and efficient, so you can enjoy your new floors as soon as possible.

  • Ensure a responsible person is on site on the day of installation to verify materials are correct and to inspect the flooring after installation.
  • Make arrangements for the removal and disposal of existing flooring.
  • Clear the room of furniture and other objects. Additional charges may apply to move excessive or heavy furniture, or any furniture that requires disassembly.
  • If flooring will be installed in an existing closet, empty closet of all objects.
  • In most installations baseboards and molding can be left in place, however we cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur.
  • Clear a safe path for installers to travel in and out of your home.
  • Make sure there is access to adequate power, light and ventilation in the installation area.
  • Designate a location for storing and cutting flooring materials.
  • In the event that your installation requires sanding, cover cabinets and furniture for protection from dust.
  • We recommend all painting be completed prior to installing your new flooring.


Our installers will inspect your new flooring with you to guarantee you're completely satisfied. After installation scrap materials will be cleaned up and disposed of. Please be aware that baseboards and walls may be scuffed or scratched during normal installation. You should expect potential touchups to paint or wallpaper after the installation is complete.

If you have any questions before your scheduled installation, please contact us at any time.